Living The Good Life

by Uberdork

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Question about authority who's the boss of you who's the boss of me Respect isn't taken it's earned give it too easy you're gonna get burned Hope keeps life afloat but who put a hole in the bottom of my boat Peace wanna give it a chance hope the cans outnumber the the can'ts Tech it's like a god pray to it but then you lose your job Smile of the rictus kind hands on your eyes justice is blind Living the good life? (x3) Question is everything hard like a prison inmate or a prison guard Politician gives promises but who believes anything he says Boss in a 3 piece suit rides a parachute made outta your loot Living the price is high all you do is work all you do is die Hopin' to be a shark to leave your mark hit it outta the park Roadblocks always in the way where you're from how little your paid Struggle to make ends meet shuffle your feet head down in defeat Ain't life goddamn sweet? Living the good life? (x3) Question what do we do who's gonna help me who's gonna help you No one is there for you they say they are but you know it ain't true Forces tell how much to give tell you how to live gonna get the shiv Fight for what you think is right fight it hard fight it with your life Give give more than you get make a better place the future ain't set Future is what we make it let's make it good let's not forsake it Lets not forsake it (x2) Living the good life? (x3)


released March 16, 2013
Producer: Uberdork (Matthew Weerts) Music: Matthew Weerts Lyrics/Vocals: Matthew Weerts



all rights reserved


Uberdork Minneapolis, Minnesota

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